• Manufacturing
    Modern enterprises of UNICHIMTEK implement a full production cycle from processing of raw materials to production of final products
  • Quality control
    UNICHIMTEK provides constant improvement of its materials through technologies upgrading and total quality control
  • Latest scientific development
    All of UNICHIMTEK activities are based on engineering solutions of UNICHIMTEK's R&D Department
  • Fire protection materials
    UNICHIMTEK is the Russia’s leading developer and manufacturer of fire protection materials under the OGRAX® brand
  • Composite materials
    The scope of our activity includes development production and distribution of polymer composite materials ITECMA


  • Graphite foil and sheets
  • Gaskets
  • Seals
  • Mechanical seals
  • Unichimtek

    UNICHIMTEK is a leading Russian company in field of development, manufacturing and promotion of innovative sealing and fire-protection materials and products. Our success is based on permanent improvement of materials and technologies, quality control, and expanding research and development areas.

    In addition to our traditional business areas we are proud to provide our solutions in the following fields:

    • Thermal insulation and heat management products
    • Fiber reinforced composite structural materials
    • Resins and textile preforms for composites manufacturing

    UNICHIMTEK's R&D Department - Institute of New Carbon Materials and Technologies - has at its disposal test, research and pilot technological equipment, as well as highly-skilled personnel to conduct research in field of low-density carbon materials for sealing, heat distribution and other special applications, thermally expanding fire-protection materials, carbon-carbon and fiber-reinforced composites.